Trailers play an important role in heavy construction equipment industry. Their main role is to facilitate every type of hauling work and make it faster. The trailers assist in lifting as well as movement of equipments from one place to another.

There are different types of trailers available which we will look into in the following sections:

  1. Equipment construction trailers
  2. Dump construction trailers
  3. Gooseneck construction trailers
  4. Tail-along construction trailers

Equipment Construction Trailers

The main use for these trailers is in hauling of medium sized equipments to construction location. Trailers used for heavy equipment movement are developed using tubing which is cross member and iron mainframe channel. The axles in the trailer help in bearing the load of the construction equipment. Often these trailers are also made using spring suspension (standard slipper type).

Dump Construction Trailers

The main purpose for these trailers is dumping of different things at construction site. These find their use in golf courses, nurseries, farms and other similar locations. Dumping trailers serve multiple purposes, from transportation to storing rubbish generated at construction sites and disposed later on. Dump trailers are manufactured using good materials and excellent constructions methods to reduce breakage and bend in stressed parts of the trailer.

Gooseneck Construction Trailers

There are 2 different types of gooseneck trailers; one which has tilt beds and the other having flat beds. The purpose of flat bed ones is to move medium as well as large equipments. The features of flat bed gooseneck trailers are:

  1. Tie downs – stake pocket
  2. Ability to accommodate drop foot jack of 10,000 lb
  3. Decking which is pressure treated
  4. Safety chains

The tilt bed trailers have different widths & lengths of beds and have the following features:

  1. Wiring harness (sealed)
  2. Guards for rear impact
  3. X bracing
  4. Loading angle (tilted) that ranges between 110 – 140
  5. Types available – six to twelve tons

Tail-along Construction Trailers

The main advantage of these trailers is that they are capable of transporting heavy equipment to greater distances and have features like:

  1. Wiring harness (modular)
  2. Cross members (16” centered)
  3. Deck (100” wide)
  4. Chain storage location

At the time you decide to buy a trailer it is important to figure out what is your basic requirement. This way you will be able to decide between various types of trailers as well as know if there is a need to purchase a new one or a used trailer will also serve the purpose. You can contact many of the reputed companies making these trailers such as Bobcat, Kensington, Belshie, etc. and they have used trailers for sale.