Backhoe & Loaders



 “The backhoe is a tractor-like vehicle with an arm and bucket mounted on the back and afront loader mounted on the front, which was first produced in 1957” (“Backhoe).  Backhoes remind me of the football term “dink and dump,” which means to slowly chip away at a pesky defense with small passing schemes.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have been known to recently do this.  In the same sense, the backhoe slowly digs away and dumps large,pesky obstacles such as tree stumps, playgrounds, etc.  Need a backhoe.  Purchase one from below.  Backhoes range anywhere from $3,000-$25,000 depending on model and efficiency.


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Backhoe loaders are one of the most important types of heavy construction equipments utilized in various tasks in the field of building, construction, excavating, digging, road paving & asphalt breaking. They are extremely versatile and contractors like them because you can easily replace the backhoe bucket with other attachments like rock hammers or breakers that are used for breaking & smashing concrete, rocks & similar other hard materials.

Some buckets have retractable bottoms and are used in grading off & scratching sand. The loader’s front assembly can also be removed or you can keep it as permanent attachment. A good backhoe loader has a tool coupler that has hydraulic cylinders in the arm assembly for mounting different types of attachments. This is a great feature that has made the front end loader extremely valuable in all phases of heavy construction.

The main use for a backhoe is as an excavating machine but it can be used for other purposes as well such as to haul equipment & supplies in bucket, cover dirt for filling trench lines or for covering pipes and materials in pipeline jobs.

Popular Brands

Some of the most popular brands of backhoe loaders are John Deere Tractors, Case Corporation, Caterpillar Inc., Volvo Construction Equipment, Hitachi Ltd., New Holland Ag, Komatsu Ltd. and JCB 3CX. These models have been proven over time and are often the most sought after by construction companies all over.


Backhoe loaders have rugged helms, powerful engines and cabs with two gearshift sets that are used in maneuvering the equipment. When the machine operates, the backhoe loader remains securely parked with the help of stabilizer legs. These are critical to keep the machines overall stability in excavation operations.

There are different kinds of backhoe loaders such as those with dig depth which is under 14’, 14’-15’ & over 15’. These have loader arms which do not twist while digging resulting in stronger dig and arms which are high reaching to easily load high sided containers.

Buying Used Backhoes for Sale

People prefer to purchase used backhoe loaders since the can generally find them with low hours on them. The machines like others generally don't run for a whole shift and finding a good quality used backhoe is sometimes rather easy. There are many equipment dealers whom you can contact for purchasing such used equipment.

These dealers provide used backhoe loaders for sale as certified used equipments, meaning that the backhoe loader has inspection certificate and will also have warranty on it. You will also be able to avail different pricing options as the dealers have several equipments with high & low hour utilization.